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Pre Operative Instructions

To ensure your periodontal surgery is as pleasant as possible, please follow the recommendations listed below:

1. Eat breakfast or lunch on the day of surgery.

2. Discuss current medications and supplements with doctor prior to surgery. Be sure the doctor is aware of all medications you have taken in the preceding 24 hour period.

3. Have your prescriptions filled, take before surgery as directed, and bring them with you to your surgery appointment.

4. Whenever possible, arrange for a ride to and from appointment. When sedation is used during surgery, you must have someone pick you up to drive you home and to stay with you for several hours. The effect of the sedative drugs lasts for 2-6 hours following surgery.

5. Be sure to wear comfortable, open-collared, loose waisted clothing to the surgery appointment.

6. Please leave out contact lenses, if you wear them.

7. Prepare several cold packs at home by putting damp wash-cloths in small plastic bags and freezing them ahead of time, these are for use in the first few hours following your surgery.

8. Post-operative instructions will be reviewed with you at the surgical appointment.

9. If you have any further questions regarding your surgery, please feel to call our office at 303-759-4133.